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There are different types of degrees that you can pursue whenever studying in the United States. We want to list some of them so that you have some information regarding them.

    • ASSOCIATE DEGREE – It’s a two year undergraduate degree which will give you the basic technical and academic knowledge to be able to find a job. You can decide to work or continue your college education in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.
    • BACHELOR OF ARTS (BA) – It’s a four year undergraduate degree and you usually have to take credits in a variety of liberal arts subjects such as languages, literature, history, etc..
    • BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (BS) – It’s also a four year undergraduate degree and it focuses more on science subjects.
    • MASTER OF ARTS (M.A.;MA;A.M or AM) – It’s a graduate degree. The Master’s degree can last between 1-3 years
    • MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) – It’s a Master in Business Administration
    • MASTER OF FINE ARTS (MFA) – It usually requires 2-3 years.
    • MASTER IN SOCIAL WORK (MSW) – As its name says it’s a Master’s degree in Social Work
    • DOCTORATE DEGREE – It’s considered the highest level of education you can get in a particular field. There are different types of doctoral degrees such as:

                                PhD – Doctor in Philosophy

                                JURIS DOCTOR OR DOCTOR OF LAW

                                MD or Doctor of Medicine

                                DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OR D.B.S

                                DOCTOR OF DENTISTRY OR D.D.S., among others

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