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As we always tell our students, it is very important that you apply way ahead of time. Why? Well, very simple. You will need time to search for the colleges or universities you want to apply. In order to do that correctly you need to do a good research about the place you want to go so that you don’t find yourself in a place where you won’t feel comfortable and happy. You will also need to look for some scholarships, if interested. This is also time consuming since each one has different requirements and different deadlines.

As an International Student you will also need to fulfill certain requirements amongst which are some exams. You have to take the exams with time and wait for results to come back. Some exams may take as long as 3 weeks or more. Once you fulfill that part you need to start the application as such. Within the application process you will find yourself having to fulfill other requirements such as essays (undergraduate students) or statement of purpose (graduate students). As you all know writing is not easy and is time consuming too.

FOSEAS offers the students help in whatever they feel they need help with so if you’re already applying and find yourself stuck or need a piece of advice contact us at info@foseas.com. If you haven’t started applying and would like to know what you need to do, we recommend you acquire STEPS TO STUDY IN THE US.  This information is available in your personal account. We assure you, this will help you and if you still have doubts or questions we will be more than glad to answer them.

We would also like to invite your friends or acquaintances to visit our website www.foseas.com and open an account with us. If they are interested in studying in the US they might find some of the newsletters interesting or even decide to acquire the STEPS TO STUDY IN THE US so please feel free to share our newsletter.

Remember: apply with months in advance. Right now deadlines for Fall 2017 are mid-November, December, January,..  and in order to be able to apply before those dates you need to have your exams in place as well as your applications fulfilled.

Take a look at our plans: APPLYING TO COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY IN USA or open an account at www.foseas.com

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