8 Strategies to Study in USA for Free 2023

Universities in USA provide up to date top quality education along with vibrant college life and best of the career opportunities.  But considering tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, travelling expenses the overall cost of attendance for study in USA is very high. However, there are ways you can study in USA colleges for free. In this article we will find out how to study free in the universities of united states.

Here are the 8 strategies to study in USA for free:

1.Research universities:

Do research of the colleges who provide 100% merit scholarships. There are about 4000 universities and colleges in USA.  Many of those universities want to admit best of the students in their colleges. So, for that purpose to attract talented students they offer merit scholarships. Only the well-known and top ranked universities are known to most of the students. But if you research there will be many other small small universities giving merit scholarships up to the full cost of attendance. For that you need to do through research and need to find out those universities.

2.Need blind Universities:

There are few universities which are need blind universities. During admission process these universities are not looking at the need of financial support to attend those colleges. Hence, apply to those colleges and if get admitted these colleges will fund you all the money required to study in their university and you can study for free. Each year many international students get admission with financial aid of full cost of attendance.

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3.Need Aware Universities:

There are many universities who are funding all the demonstrated financial need of the students. If they admit you, they will fund all the money and you can study in USA for completely free. However, those universities will consider your financial need before admitting into their college. Hence you need to have a strong academic GPA, high standardised test score, top extracurricular activities profile etc. There are many such need aware universities available you need to search and apply to them.

4.Athletic recruitment:

Universities have their different sports team and they compete at various inter college level companions. They are very passionate about sports. So, generally most of the time while admission the admission committee considers the institutes requirements and priority for recruitment of athletes and sport persons. Hence, if you are good at some kind of sport and demonstrated it in some kind of state or national level sports you are very high chances of getting recruited considering your sport capabilities. The college coach will get involved in such selection process. Hence, for these recruitment the colleges are willing to give scholarships and meet full demonstrated need of students.

5.Full tuition Scholarships:

Many of the universities are offering scholarships only to the tuition fees part and not the remaining other living costs. In case if you get full tuition scholarships you will need to arrange for at least first semesters cost of living. Students are allowed to work on campus for 20 hours per week. You should find some kind of job to meet the living expenses. Many of the students do such jobs. It is tough to do job and studies simultaneously but you need to manage it.

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6.Partial Tuition Scholarships:

Many of the colleges will give you only partial tuition scholarships varying from 10% to 90%. Here you need to pay the balance fees. In this case the education will not be free but at least for initial year you need to pay the balance fees. As mentioned in point 5 above you can manage your living expenses by working on campus jobs. After first year you can work full time in the summer for three months and for that you need to find out internship job. With this job you can earn amount needed to pay the balance tuition fees for next years.

7.In State / Low tuition fees public universities 

Public universities have lower tuition fees compared to Private universities. Also, many public universities offer out of state tuition waivers by which you need to pay only about one third of the tuition fees. Also, upon that you are likely to get additional scholarships.

8.Co-op programme:

Few universities offer co-op programme. Wherein as a part of degree curriculum it required for students to work in industry full time for one semester and attend college one semester alternately. While working full time students can earn good amount of money through which they can manage the fees. Normally such universities have tie-up with companies hence it becomes easy to find these co-op internship jobs.  

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Though the cost of attending higher studies in USA is very high, there are many scholarships and financial aids are available. One need to find out those universities and apply them. Students are required to get high academic GPA, test scores and good extra-curricular profile to get such scholarships. Also, during semester and in summer holidays students can work and earn good amount through which major part of the expenses can be managed.

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