How to apply for scholarships in USA

Universities in USA offer various types of scholarships ranging from full cost of attendance to full tuition to partial tuition scholarships. each university has different application process. here we will discuss about how to apply for these scholarships. With scholarships the burden of student loan can be reduced and it becomes easy to finance the college education and educational goals can be achieved. Lets see “How to apply to scholarships”:


First you need to do the research to find 0ut which universities are offering scholarships. Most of the universities offer scholarships but the amount, number of scholarships and their eligibility are different. Hence, first we need to find out which are those universities who are offering full or partial scholarships.

2. Short listing Universities:

There are many universities which are offering many scholarships. First we need to analysis our profile, our priorities and then need to shortlist few universities where we will be applying for the merit scholarships in those universities.

3.Eligibility Criteria:

Each scholarship and each university have different criteria and the selection process is different for them. Many of the times scholarships are awarded based on overall application but sometimes those particular scholarships are given to specific applicants. For example Bepco scholarships at IUPUI is for community service, Some scholarships are only for applications of that particular state only, some scholarships are only for US students, some scholarships are for athletics students, some scholarships require to have specific academic GPA etc. Hence you need to analyze and check the eligibility criteria for each of the scholarships at all the universities you are planning to apply. 


 Many of the mid and low ranked universities does not require a separate application for scholarships. Your college application itself along with all the materials submitted is considered even for scholarships along with admissions. Usually, the decision of scholarships is taken at the time of admissions itself.

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5.Application preparation:

Selective and competitive colleges needs a separate application for merit scholarships. Once you submit your college application you will get access to application portal on college website.  College will send you link for this portal once you submit your application. There in you will find a separate section of application for scholarships. There will be many questions to fill the application. After filling the entire application form you can submit the application.

6.Scholarship Essays:

Colleges ask to write essays from 100 words to 1000 words essay for each scholarship. Colleges want to know your personality from different perspective before awarding scholarships amounts. Hence you need to answer these question very carefully and thoughtfully to connivence the decision making committee to select you for that particular scholarship.

7.Application Materials :

Many times colleges ask you to submit additional one or more letter of recommendations from your teacher, coach or and other reference you think who will elaborate your qualities which are not seen on other parts of the application. It is our responsibility to see that these requirements are completed.

8.Submit application before deadline:

Each scholarship has different deadlines to apply. So, make sure submit all the materials before deadlines. Once the application is submitted check on portal whether all the requirements are showing as received or not. Keep follow-up with admissions and scholarships team if anything is missing or need to clarify your doubts.


Some of the scholarships need you to attend a virtual interview. One or few members of the scholarships awarding team will conduct an interview and try to understand your personal fit for the scholarship. Prepare well and give good interview. It is major portion of the selection process hence sincerely prepare for it in advance.

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Merit scholarships are competitive and the scholarship application process require you to lots of time and effort to prepare and submit the application. But if you get a good scholarship, it will worth of it. Scholarships will remove the financial burden on the family and your college life will be less stressful. Hence put your best foot forward by preparing and submitting your best scholarships application. Good Luck!

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