How to Apply to Colleges in USA

There are many universities and colleges in the USA which provides high quality education to students. Getting into top ranked universities is too completive but in low ranked universities its easy.  Every student is different and going to best fit college is very important for student life and career. The admission process and its preparation is very time consuming and stressful thing for students and their families. Here we will discuss about the process for admissions in the USA universities for undergraduate studies.  

Holistic admission review process:

Admissions into the USA universities is based on a holistic review and approach. The decision of the admission is taken into admissions committee considering all sides of the applicants. Just academic or extra-curricular development, sports etc. dose not guarantee the admission. Admission committee is building a class based on various priorities of that institute. Hence, getting admission is very complex, tedious thing and therefore everyone need to put their best foot Forward by submitting their best application.

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1.Educational Requirements:

For undergraduate admission students need to complete High school diploma which is equivalent to grade 12. Only eligible students can apply for first yest admission. But home-schooled students can also apply provided they meet other criteria. Gap year students can also apply as a fresh candidate.

2. Standardized Test:

SAT and ACT are two standardized test universities considers for the admission process. Test score of any one of these tests is expected to be submitted. These standardized test gives overall idea of the students analytical, verbal and quantitative development of each students. It becomes a similar benchmark for comparing and gauging different students. This is not the only deciding factor for admission. Due to Covid most of the universities have made it optional but it is recommended to take this test and submit the score to increases admission chances to a top colleges.

3.Submitting application:

Common app and Coalition app are the application platforms for submitting the application. Once we fill all the basic details of profile, activities etc. from common app we can apply to 20 colleges and any number form Coalition app. There is no need to fill separate forms to various colleges but only need to answer few questions and write college specific essays. But need to submit application to each college separately.

4. College selections:

This is very critical part of college application. Considering individual’s profile, one need to do research of the colleges which are best fit considering the programme, degrees, campus, location, costs etc. One need to select safety schools reach and dream schools. There is no guarantee of admission to any school. So, need to apply around 4 safety schools, 3 reach colleges and 3 dream colleges schools.

5. Transcripts:

Students required to submit official transcripts from grade 9 to grade 11 at the time of application and grade 12 afterwards final results. School counselor or school official need to send these transcripts to each college online.

6.Teacher Recommendations:

Students are required to submit one or more recommendation letters from their teachers and coaches. Recommendation letter from a Academic teacher are preferred to understand first had experience about your involvement, academic performance etc., into the classroom.

7. College Essay:

Common app and Coliation app require you to write about 650 words essay on any one out of seven topics.  Colleges want to know your purpose for attending the colleges. Much weightage is given to this in the admission decision.

8. School report and counselor recommendation:

Your school counselor needs to submit the school report. Also, the recommendation from school counselor is required to be submitted.

9. Application fees:

The application fee varies college to college from $30 to $90. But application fee waiver is easily available if application fees become financial burden to applicants’ family.

10. Interview:

For most of the college’s interviews are not required, for some colleges its optional. However, some of the top schools conduct interviews.

11. Financial Documents:

Student need to submit financial documents from parents or bank loan demonstrating that they have sufficient funds for the education.

12. English proficiency:

International students are required to take English proficiency test like TOEFL, ELITS or Duolingo etc. and submit the score to each college.

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The application process needs lots of research, writing essays, follow up with colleges, preparations, submitting applications etc. but with careful planning you can complete this process and get admission into your dream college for a wonderful college life and lots of career opportunities. 

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