Why Study in USA

The United States provides world class educational opportunities to the students. The United States is the number one choice for the international students for higher education. There are about one million international students studying in the United States. In this blog we will discuss benefits of studding in the United States for the International students.

14 reasons for studding in united states:

1. Top ranked Universities:

As per QS World ranking and Times ranking most of the top ranked universities are from The United States. These high standard universities have all the resources, experiences and infrastructure to deliver top quality education to the students.

There are thousands of universities and colleges available in United States to choose from. There are public universities, private universities, large universities, medium sized universities and colleges to choose from. The liberal arts education system gives abundance of opportunities for the all-round development of the students.

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2. High Academic Standards:

Universities and Colleges follow rigorous process to maintain the accreditation, upholding the high academic standards. Each professor designs their course syllabus as per the industry requirements and up to date developments in the real world. Normally, the class sizes are small and students have the opportunity to develop close connections with their professors.  The course content, exposure, grading system and teaching style is of high standard.   

3. Variety of study Degree options:

There are wide range of undergraduate, masters and PhD options available to study in the United States. There is ample opportunity to decide the major or to change the majors as per the interest and career goals of the students. Also, students have options to study interdisciplinary fields of study, they can choose a minor, a certificate or dual degree programme which aliens with their interests and goals. The accelerated degree programmes give opportunity to complete graduate or PhD programme on a faster track which saves time and money of students.

Every student has their academic advisor who will help each student to select the courses so as to align with student’s interest as well as to complete the required credit to graduate smoothly within time.

4. Top internship and career opportunities:

The United States is the land of opportunities. Most of the top companies have their presence in United States. these companies are looking for the talented students as their prospective employees. Hence, Students have lots of internship’s opportunities throughout the year. Particularly in summer holiday break many students do internships in the companies and get the practical work experiences. Many students after graduation get full time offers from there internship companies.

5. University Support System :

Each university provides support service to each of the international students for the career guidance, counselling facilities health services, visa status and for the successful academic, career and personal life.  International office in the university tracks each student and follows the necessary legal requirements of each student. 

6. Cultural Diversities :

There are many immigrants in the United States. Also, while admission Every university gives priority to fill the class with all types of diversity. There is diverse student body and students have lots of opportunities to learn from each other’s.  Networking and peer learning is a great way students can learn from each other which build the overall personality of students. Students from all over the world brings their unique features, which in turn all can learn, share, experience and collaborate with each other’s.

7. Scholarships and Financial Aid :

University offers lots of merit-based scholarships and need based financial aid to students. Many of the international students gets partial funding to full cost of attendance scholarships and financial aid. These universities have large endowment funds and generous donations from their past students. Universities are trying to fund as many students as possible to bring bright students to their campuses.

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8. Research opportunities :

Many of the Nobel laureates are teaching and research professors on these universities. Students have the direct opportunity to learn, participate in the research with these professors. University has lots of funds allocated for this research. Hence, the students have funding available for many research assistantships, attending conferences, presenting papers etc.

9. Personal Development :

The teaching methods are not just reading books and theory writing exams. The grading system in United States is very well designed.  Classes are discussion based and students need to participate in the class discussions, need to put their thoughts, opinions, present their side. With hands on learning style Students practically learns each in each course. There are weekly assignments, projects to complete and submits before deadlines.

There are many leadership opportunities available in student clubs, student run organizations to get involved in. Students can form new clubs if there is no such club available.  

The communication skills, presentations skills improve through this learning process. The self-confidence of the students is very high.

 In this overall learning atmosphere, the overall personality developments happen.

10. Study Abroad

Many universities have tie up with universities from outside the United States. Students can go in those universities for one semester and so and study there. Learn and experience the diverse culture. Network with the students and professors there.

11. Vibrant Student Life :

There is exciting and dynamic Student life in American universities. Students not only study in these universities but have a very vibrant and lively student life. Student enjoy the American way of life by mixing with local students, teachers and the peoples around. Students have the option of Greek life. Universities, clubs arranges events, concerts etc for the recreations on campuses.

12. Technology Facilities :

Technology plays a significant role in the American education systems.  the smart classrooms are equipped with latest technology are very student friendly and enhances the learning experiences.  Latest technology is used for online learnings, digital textbooks, assignments submissions, email alerts, gradings etc. Students have access to classroom notes, research database, academic journals where in technology is used at its best. Learning with Virtual reality and simulations using technology gives students hands on learning experience.

13. Top Sport Facilities :

Sports is at the heart of each university.  Each university has various sport teams and they compete with each other for various tournaments. They recruit athletes’ students for their sport teams.  Every student has the opportunity to play and be part of their university teams. World class facilities and resources, coaches are available. Colleges allocate a huge fund for the sports.

14. Opportunity to work in USA

Every student gets 12 months OPT after completion of the graduation. Also, the students who study STEM that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can have additional 24 months of extension for work in the United States which gives opportunity to recover the cost of studying. Also, there is opportunity to get Hi-B visa and work in united states further. There are many international students go for study and finally settles there. 

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Conclusion :

No doubt unites States of America has the best of the high standard education not only academically but overall development of the students. Also, the United States has unmatched career opportunities for the graduating students. Hence, no surprise, The United States is the number one choice for international students all over the world for higher education. 

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