Merit Based Scholarships

Merit based scholarships

College education in USA is very costly. Cost of attending college education includes cost of tuition fees, room and board, other fees, insurance, books etc which is a big concern for the Parents and students. However, these universities offer many scholarships … Read more

5 Steps to Study in USA:

5 steps to study in USA

United States is the number one choice for the international students since it provides the best quality education and top career opportunities.  However, applying to colleges requires lots of preparation, compliance, efforts and patience. US education system is very different and … Read more

How to apply for scholarships in USA

How to apply for scholarships in USA

Universities in USA offer various types of scholarships ranging from full cost of attendance to full tuition to partial tuition scholarships. each university has different application process. here we will discuss about how to apply for these scholarships. With scholarships the … Read more

8 Strategies to Study in USA for Free 2023

8 Strategies to Study in USA for Free 2023

Universities in USA provide up to date top quality education along with vibrant college life and best of the career opportunities.  But considering tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, travelling expenses the overall cost of attendance for study in USA is … Read more

How to Apply to Colleges in USA

<strong>How to Apply to Colleges in USA</strong>

There are many universities and colleges in the USA which provides high quality education to students. Getting into top ranked universities is too completive but in low ranked universities its easy.  Every student is different and going to best fit college … Read more